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The 4 Best-Reviewed Dental Health Bones for Dogs

When it comes to the growing and ever-changing dental dog bone market, it’s important to make sure you know what’s popular, what new ingredients and regulations are coming down the pike, and, of course, what consumers are saying about the dental health bones for dogs on shelves. 

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry can be critical, and goes hand in hand with knowing who the key players in the space are. 

At Indigenous Pet Products, it’s our mission and passion to provide the best, science-backed dog dental health bones. To do this, we’ve become intimately familiar with the space, and what is and is not considered a high-quality dog bone. 

In this article, we’re highlighting four of the most popular dental dog bone brands, and giving you an overview of what consumers are saying about them. By the end of the article, you’ll have a clear understanding of who the key players are, what differentiates them, and what customers are saying about them.

We’ll be covering:


About the Brand

Greenies dental health bones for dogs come recommended by the Veterinary Association, and are made with an average of 30 ingredients.

What Consumers Are Saying

“My 3 dogs each get one greenie every morning after breakfast. They love those things! One of them will try to get me to give him the greenie first because he would rather have that than his food, that’s how much he loves it. The vet has given all 3 of my dogs thumbs up for their dental hygiene and told me “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.” —SJG via Chewy

“My puppy absolutely loves these treats. I am happy that they are cleaning his teeth while he is enjoying them.” — Jett via Chewy

“These are perfect size for a 1-2 treat loving beagle. Not too small, not too big, and she can have 2 in a day some days, which makes her very happy.” — BeagleLove via Chewy

“We have given our dogs Greenies for at least the past 20 years. They help with tartar and the dogs always seem to be thrilled to get them. I’m doing something a little different with my current 2 Springer Spaniels (about 40 lbs each). They each get a Teenie Greenie for dessert after their 2 meals. They do need to chew them, even if they are a lot smaller than the more appropriate size for their weight. It works very well!” — Chris via Chewy

“This is a great, favorite treat, and it really does help keep the dog’s teeth clean and breath smelling good.” — Lynne via Chewy


About the Brand

Whimzees dental dog bones are made with an average of 10 ingredients, and feature a ridged design to help keep dog’s teeth clean. They cost $1.41 per bone.

What Consumers Are Saying

“These are great and help my dog’s teeth when there’s stuff stuck in them. I also like that it lasts him a bit and isn’t instantly gone, which can happen a lot with dental treats.” Sarah via Chewy

“Our beagle loves these. He is quite an aggressive chewer and we have found these to be perfect. It takes him some concentrated time and effort to chew these. Loving them.” Murph via Chewy

“Whimzees are my preferred dental chew for our German Shepherd Dog. Chewing time outlasts other brands. Breath also remains fresher than other brands. The chews do not affect her sensitive digestive system.” — ChiPet via Chewy

“My dog adores these things so much I get a smaller size so he can have more than one a day. They do a great job of keeping his teeth and breath clean.” —DogLuv via Chewy

“After one week there was a noticeable difference in my dog’s teeth. Still have one tooth with tartar but may need a brush. Awesome product.” —Bums via Chewy


About the Brand

Merrick dental dog treats are made with 12-15 fresh, real whole foods sourced from local farms, and does not include any artificial flavors or preservatives. They cost roughly $2.27 per bone.

What Consumers Are Saying

My dog loves the power bites and they are just the right size for a small dog!” — TKA3 via Chewy

“My pup, Samson, loves these treats. I appreciate the healthy ingredients. Chicken is the first ingredient so you know there’s a lot of protein instead of fillers. Samson loved the smell of them. Had him begging for more. The treats are a little big for my 10 pound dog, but that’s ok because I break them up into 3 or 4 pieces. Get more treats from the bag that way as well! Highly recommend.” — willal2 via Merrick

“My dog loves these! Grain free is a plus because he has some grain allergies that affect his sensitive skin. Before I even opened these, he was trying to take the whole bag with him! I will definitely be ordering these from Chewy regularly.” — Anonymous via Merrick

“I bought the Beef, Chicken and Rabbit and Sweet potato flavors.I wanted something healthy to give my girls, they get a treat when they are called to come in from outside, they come in and automatically sit and wait for their “cookie.” I used to buy the larger treats but I decided to try these. They are just the perfect size! My girls loved them! I will buy them again and certainly recommend them!” — Josie via Chewy

“My border collies love these treats – I’m happy too as this treat contains L-Carnitine.” —MurphysMom via Chewy

Indigenous Pet Products

About the Brand

These dental health bones for dogs are made with a patented recipe that includes kelp meal, designed to help break down plaque and prevent gingivitis, and contain an average of 12 ingredients. They cost roughly $1.41 per bone.

What Consumers Are Saying

“We started using these 4 years ago. One dog had considerable plaque buildup which then was gone in a few weeks. These were not available during much of the pandemic, and now are more expensive than before. We had to try other “dental chews,” but none worked as well. Do Not Doubt – These get rid of plaque and keep it away. Our two 25 pound dogs each get 1/2 daily after their lunch. They like them so much that they sometimes stop eating their lunch and stand by the pantry where these are stored.” — Cammer via Chewy

“I needed something my dogs like that would combat their bad breath. These are great, both of my dogs love them and their breath is not horrible anymore.” — Kathy via Chewy

“I feel so good giving these treats to my dog who has a very sensitive stomach. I believe they are good for his teeth and his tummy, and he absolutely loves them!” — Suzy via Chewy

“This is a great treat with pumpkin. Also no propylene glycol! (An unhealthy additive in many pet treats).” — Wintermom via Chewy

“My poodle (35 lbs) can barely contain herself as I am making coffee in the morning because as we sit with our cups, she gets the Carrot/Pumpkin dental cookie by Indigenous!!! First one half, then she has to wait for the second half laying in front of her until I give the OK! Then snap and it’s gone!!! I use two sizes, – 1/2 of a large first, then a whole mini in Duck and Apple as a chaser. Her teeth are glistening! She loves these and really chews them completely. They are so delicious.” — PoodleMom via Chewy

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