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The 4 Best USA-Made Dental Dog Bone Brands

As a dog dental health bone distributor, you probably want to be sure that you’re getting the highest quality bones in pet and grocery stores across the country. 

With the market expanding as rapidly as it has, it can be hard to stay on top of what the best brands are, and what you should be prioritizing as you make selections.

At Indigenous Pet Products, it’s our passion and mission to provide USA-made, science-backed dog bones that are not only good for dogs, but clean their teeth using patented ingredients. 

In this article, we’re highlighting the top four best USA-made dental dog bones. By the end of the article, you’ll have a clear understanding of who the key players are within the space, and how they compare to each other. 

We’ll be covering:

  • The best USA-made dental health bone brands
  • How USA-made dental health bones compare to those made in other countries

What are the best USA-made dog dental health bones on the market?

When it comes to USA-made dental dog bones, there are four key players within the space. These include:


It’s almost impossible to be active in the dog dental health bone community without hearing about Greenies dog treats. The brand is responsible for moving about $65 million of dental dog products each year and can be found in just about every big box and boutique pet store across the country. 

Greenies come recommended by the Veterinary Association, something very few pet brands can say, which sets them apart. 

However, Greenies bones can have as many as 30 ingredients in them, many of which the average person will not be able to recognize, and which may not be healthy for dogs. Finally, Greenies products can run anywhere from 300-400 calories per bone, which means a dog should not be eating more than one of them per day. 

When it comes to price, Greenies are priced at a premium at $2.50 per bone and $1.50 per ounce. 


Whimzees dog bones are ridged, and the design of the bone is really what helps to clean a dog’s teeth as they chew. These are high-quality bones, made with roughly 10 ingredients, making them healthy for the dogs to eat.

Whimzees contain no artificial ingredients, flavors or additives and come in a variety of ridged shapes designed to help keep a dog’s teeth clean.

These are priced at roughly $1.41 per bone, making them more affordable than Greenie’s, and with fewer ingredients, an overall higher-quality choice. 


The Merrick Fresh Kisses dental health bones are a new offering from Merrick, one of the leaders in the dog food space. These bones come in a variety of flavors and sizes. 

Merrick dog treats are made with fresh, real whole foods sourced from local farms, and do not include any artificial flavors or preservatives. These bones have roughly 12-15 ingredients in them, many of which are recognizable to the average person and healthy for dogs. 

Fresh Kisses are priced at roughly $2.27 per bone, placing them on the higher end in terms of price. 

Merrick’s dental dog bones cannot be found in big box stores, choosing, like Indigenous Pet products, to prioritize partnerships with smaller, more boutique pet stores. 

Indigenous Pet Products

Indigenous Pet dental health bones for dogs are made with 10 real, recognizable ingredients you can trust. 

Indigenous Pet bones are unique in that they are made with kelp meal, which is designed to work with the dog’s saliva to help break down plaque buildup on teeth and prevent gingivitis.

Our patented recipe ensures that we’re the only pet brand on the market using kelp meal for this purpose, and vets have confirmed a visible improvement after using Indigenous Pet products. 

Our bones come in a variety of sizes, the larger of which can be broken in two and eaten throughout the day, doubling the effects of each bone. 

Indigenous Pet dental health bones are priced at $1.06 per bone, making them affordable as well as incredibly healthy for dogs. 

USA-Made Dental Dog Bones vs. Internationally-Produced Bones

The key differentiator when it comes to dog bones made in the United States is that there are regulations on what can and cannot be in each bone. In addition to those regulations, each ingredient must be clearly labeled on the packaging, so that the consumer knows exactly what is going into their dog’s body. 

There has been a demand in recent years for healthier food and treat options for dogs, and these regulations help ensure that dogs are being provided with those healthy choices. It is more difficult to know what, if any, regulations are in place if you’re sourcing dental dog bones from overseas. 

While there are several European countries with trustworthy dog products, there is currently a distinct lack of trust in bones made in China, due to prior situations of mislabeling of products and ingredients. This resulted in dogs having allergic reactions due to mislabeled or omitted ingredients. 

Consumers need to be able to trust the packaging and ingredients in the items they’re giving their dogs, and choosing USA-made dental dog bones helps ensure that trust is met. 


Greenies: Made with over 30 ingredients, Veterinary Association recommended, $2.50 per bone.

Whimzees: Made with 10 ingredients and a ridged design to help keep dog’s teeth clean. $1.41 per bone.

Merrick: Made with 12-15 fresh, real whole foods sourced from local farms, and does not include any artificial flavors or preservatives. $2.27 per bone.

Indigenous Pet Products: Made with a patented recipe that includes kelp meal, designed to help break down plaque and prevent gingivitis. $1.41 per bone. 

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