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Indigenous Pet Products manufactures pet dental bones that are healthy for dogs to eat, and are made with curated, recognizable ingredients. Indigenous Pet products have under 20 ingredients per product, and are grain and gluten free.
Most Indigenous Pet bones have 10-15 ingredients, most of which are recognizable, such as potato starch, salmon oil, and leptin. They also contain prebiotics, inulin, and kelp meal, which helps with digestion and removes plaque from the dog’s teeth. With the exception of kelp meal, all Indigenous Pet ingredients are made in the United States.
Kelp meal is good for dog bones because it reacts to the dog’s saliva and breaks down the plaque on their teeth. It is sourced from the North Atlantic around England and is one of the only ingredients that cannot be sourced in the United States.
No, Indigenous Pet Products do not contain any preservatives as they are not good for the dogs.
Indigenous Pets bones retail for $17.99 per bag.
Yes, the minimum order amount for Indigenous Pet products is $1,000.
Indigenous Pet ships and distributes nationwide in the United States as well as Canada. Customers can enter their zip code on the website to see the stores where they can buy from.
The fulfillment rate for Indigenous Pet is 98%, with the only exception being when products get damaged during shipping. Indigenous Pet has plenty of inventory and no problem filling orders.
Indigenous Pet bones were out of stock for four months in 2021.
Competitors such as Greenies are mass-produced products that are not as healthy for your dog as Indigenous Pets products.
No. Currently, we’re partnering with boutique pet stores.

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