What is Kelp Meal?

Pet owners are always on the lookout for the best ways to ensure their furry friend’s health and happiness. 

But with so many supplements and health products on the market, it can be overwhelming to discern which ones are genuinely beneficial

At Indigenous Pet Products, our team is dedicated to bringing science-backed ingredients to pet nutrition. Our in-depth knowledge of nutrition, combined with our keen market awareness, drives our innovative product range. Our patented formula and ridged bones help keep dogs’ teeth truly clean — and vets notice! 

One of the key ingredients that sets Indigenous Pet Products apart is kelp meal, which works with a dog’s saliva to break down plaque and keep their teeth clean.

In this article, we’ll unpack the benefits of kelp meal, from combating tartar buildup to enhancing a dog’s overall health. By the end of the article, you’ll have a complete understanding of what kelp meal is, how it can benefit your dog, and make informed decisions about introducing this powerhouse supplement into your dog’s diet.

What is Kelp Meal and How Does It Benefit Dogs?

Kelp meal is derived from kelp, a type of brown algae that thrives in cool saltwater environments. This seaweed can grow impressively large, sometimes reaching lengths of 30 feet or more. But what makes kelp particularly interesting for our furry friends is its nutritional profile.

Kelp is packed with nutrients:

  • Protein: 25% of kelp is protein.
  • Fat: 2% of kelp is fat.
  • Iodine: Known for supporting and regulating the glandular system.
  • Amino Acids: Contains 21 amino acids.
  • Vitamins & Minerals: Boasts 60 vitamins and minerals.

One of the standout benefits of kelp for dogs is its ability to combat tartar buildup on their teeth. This is attributed to a bacteria known as Bacillus lichenformus found on the kelp’s surface. When consumed, this bacteria releases an enzyme that aids in reducing tartar buildup.

Nutrients in Kelp Meal for Dental Health

The primary nutrient in kelp that aids in dental health is the aforementioned bacteria, Bacillus lichenformus. However, kelp’s overall nutrient-rich profile, including its amino acids, proteins, and vitamins, contributes to a dog’s overall health, from improving skin conditions to aiding digestion.

Kelp meal works with the saliva in a dog’s mouth to break down plaque and tartar and promote dental health. 

Potential Side Effects

Like any supplement, moderation is key. Overconsumption can lead to iodine toxicity in dogs, which can manifest as vomiting, diarrhea, and other health issues. In extreme cases, it can cause stomach discomfort and significant weight loss. 

It’s recommended that dogs consume no more than a quarter teaspoon of kelp per 10 pounds of body weight daily, with a maximum limit of three teaspoons a day. With this in mind, it is also critical that you consult with a vet before introducing any supplement to your dog’s diet.

Debunking Kelp Meal Myths

The primary misconception surrounding kelp meal in dog diets is simply a lack of awareness about its benefits. Many consumers are unaware of the myriad of health advantages kelp offers, from improving coat health to aiding in digestion. 

As awareness grows, more pet owners will likely recognize kelp meal as a valuable addition to their dogs’ diets.

Getting Started 

In the past, pet owners often grappled with the challenge of finding truly nutritious and effective products for their beloved companions. The market was saturated with brands, but few genuinely prioritized the health and well-being of pets, leaving many pet owners feeling lost and concerned about their choices.

Now, with the industry continuously growing in its commitment to pet health and wellness, there are more options than ever when it comes to keeping a dog’s teeth clean. 

Ready to see if kelp meal can make a difference? Explore our range of products, and join our community of satisfied pet owners. Find Indigenous Pet Products in a pet store near you, or shop on Chewy or Amazon.

Monday Manufacturing Motivation with Mike Haragan

Presentation Transcription

Curt Anderson  00:01

Hey, man, happy Monday, everybody how Goodness gracious. It’s like we’re coming in halfway through June already. Damon. Good morning on your side of the world. How was your weekend? How you doing brother? Is he on mute?

Damon Pistulka  00:17

Yes, I am. I yeah, I was guessing. Yeah,

Curt Anderson  00:23

seeing a free weekend. Right. Great weekend. Those are going there so much fun. Well, Damon, happy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend and especially your dog Odin, man. Is he gonna dig this episode? So Nicole Donnelly? Happy Monday to you my friend. How are you today?

Nicole Donnelly  00:38

Oh, I’m doing great. I can’t wait for the show. It’s gonna be awesome. We’re going to be sharing the love with all of our furry friends after talking to Mike today. It’s going to be great. So yeah, excited to be here.

Curt Anderson  00:49

Well, this is super, super cool. So we have Mike Haragan. Michael, happy Monday. How are you doing?

Mike Haragan  00:55

Great doing great.

Curt Anderson  00:57

Well, thanks for joining us here. We’re with indigenous pet products. We’re going to be digging into some really man we have a lot of bark about today. Nicole just I couldn’t help myself. Sorry. So Amy Siri aigo. How are you Happy Monday to you?

Amy Sariego  01:10

Hello, happy Monday.

Curt Anderson  01:13

You man I really just super excited for this episode. So I guys we’re gonna dig into Made in USA dental health dog bones. I know that’s a mouthful. But your dog will absolutely love these dog bones. And not only that, Michael, fresh breath and I can attest first. First firsthand. Not for myself. I did try them. They are pretty good. But my dog’s business health Donald dog bones. And so Michael, let’s just dig right in. You’re located in Indianapolis. And you are a great fierce, US manufacturer. Putting out all sorts of different products. You have multiple multiple companies going on. But before I go there, yes, Steven, I am gonna go there. So before we go there, Michael, being a great manufacturer that you are in the Hoosier State of Indiana. I have a question for you. When you were a little guy growing up and became like this just wonderful entrepreneur, this great manufacturer little guy growing up. Who was your hero? Who was your hero is a little guy growing up.

Mike Haragan  02:16

To me, who was my hero? Wow. That was a curveball. curveball right off the bat. Back in the day, it was probably Ronald Reagan probably. Back then he dates me a little bit but

Curt Anderson  02:47

hey, what’s funny and Amy, do you Ronald Reagan or president in the 80s That was before?

Amy Sariego  02:57

Oh, I Googled him on Google.

Curt Anderson  03:02

What Teddy Roosevelt, like when was he?

Damon Pistulka  03:05

Not even on YouTube?

Curt Anderson  03:08

So I actually So Michael, when I was in college, I had the honor I got to I got to see him speak. And you know, I was like 20 years old and I’m like, Man, I got to see Ronald Reagan. I’m like I’m gonna make it a point to see every president and I don’t think I’ve seen another one cents in person so anyway, that was a great answered Ronald Reagan. Boy he really got things cooking in the ad. So that was that was not Damon. We haven’t had that one. And we have not like Ronald Reagan. Are you kidding me? That was a total drop. I’m like moment to call. Dad was your dad a big Ronald Reagan guy

Nicole Donnelly  03:40

was? Oh, yeah. Oh, definitely. He loved Ronald Reagan. I remember when I was a kid, and he was he was president when I was a very young child. Yeah. Yeah. You think they were good? Babies was a good decade. Yeah.

Curt Anderson  03:53

These were you know, it

Nicole Donnelly  03:54

was Whitney Houston. You know, take what does it take one for the Gipper? Is that what he used to say he

Curt Anderson  03:59

was he was in that movie, right? It wasn’t either. If I’m not mistaken, so I thought that was a great answer. So yeah, guys, we’re here with Mike Kerrigan from pet products. drop us a note. Let us know you’re there Happy Monday to you in boy, we might actually have some trivia for you today. So relax. It’s gonna be a good time. Michael, my friend can you please share with the folks who and what is indigenous products?

Mike Haragan  04:23

Indigenous pet products. Here’s a sample bag. Eric is a dental health bone that helps clean the dog’s teeth. So it’s a better product I believe. I’m a little biased but it has the ingredients it has the the actual form that cleans the teeth. We’ve done studies we’ve had an independent studies that actually proves this out that this bone will help the dog’s teeth get cleaner over time. It has stuff like kelp meal which reacts to the dog saliva and actually reduces plaque and Hylia ptosis. So and then it’s got other good stuffs like insulin, which is a prebiotic that helps your dog digest your stuff better. And this one is the fresh breath when it actually has his partially in there. So it actually does kind of fresh in their dogs breath. So it’s got a lot of good stuff in here and it really helps the dog’s teeth out.

Curt Anderson  05:24

Well, I can attest firsthand. Nicole, what are your thoughts comments on on this really cool product?

Nicole Donnelly  05:30

Yeah, I mean, I just think she’s that count mail seems amazing. But the fact that it’s clinically proven to actually remove the plaque from from the teeth of the dog is incredible. I think so veterinary veterinarians out there. dog lovers out there. Well, thank you for that. So their dogs can have nice clean healthy mouth for for for for us. So yeah, that’s awesome.

Curt Anderson  05:53

absolutely hate speaking of dog lovers, Karen, happy Monday, you had me a dog lovers, we’ve got hay Adams in the house. Thank God, it’s Monday to you, Adam, my friend. And we’ve got a great juicy topic here today. So Michael, let’s let’s talk about this you took over this company about a year and a half two years ago was that it? Do I have that close about that time, right,

Mike Haragan  06:11

about a year and a half ago, right, it was a smaller company out in Denver, that was looking really pretty much to get out of the business and more, the owners were getting older, and they just wanted to get out. So we went ahead and purchased this company, and really had to rush to move things around to get the production up and to sell this product everywhere. So after a year and a half, we know we’ve got the production together. And now we’re just trying to expand the distribution, we have a national distribution network of distributors out there. Now, I’m just needing to get into a little bit more bigger stores and a little bit more point of contact with the consumers to really get this going. We just were trying to get more on the internet, that seems to be a position that they really didn’t go after before. So it was all born to the little mom and pops, which is a great business. But we just need to expand a little bit more into the internet sales and business to business, we’re not, we’re not going to go direct to consumer, it’s all going to be, you know, through a distributor through a third party delivery service that’s really going to bring it to the consumer at the end user level.

Curt Anderson  07:31

Well, that’s perfect. And so, you know, Damon, we run into this frequently on, you know, multi channel and many, you know, also, so many manufacturers struggle with this or their challenge, you know, are we in the b2b space or going direct to consumer, you have a number of clients that you’re working with kind of fondness? What do you find as far as like clients that you’re working with on that b2b side, as opposed to or compared to great strategies for that direct to consumer model like Mike’s proposing here? Damon, sto Oh,

Damon Pistulka  08:01

yeah, I’ve just listened to your question. And I think that, you know, this is this is such a, I was thinking on the challenge, because you’re exactly right. This is like the OEM producer of, of a lot of things. And you know, you can go through the distributor, how do you go if you’re gonna go I’m gonna sell through distributors are going to sell in retail, I’m going to sell on Amazon, I’m going to sell, and how are you going to do that you’re going to let other people sell on Amazon for you as well. And your map pricing and everything that you do is really, it’s really interesting. And I’ve been involved in a few brands where this this challenge is, is they everybody seems to solve it differently, depending on their industry and stuff. Because you look at some of the like, an OEM thing like for equipment of some sorts at like John Deere lawn tractors, right? Just because it’s a known thing. Everybody can, they can sell their stuff, direct online repair stuff, or they can sell through their dealers. I think they choose to go through their dealers solely, but other ones don’t. They’ll sell aftermarket parts or replacement parts direct to consumers, but they control it by the pricing that they do. And the way that they sell it through. It’s a really interesting challenge.

Curt Anderson  09:11

Yeah, and I liked what you just said, there were like, every manufacturer tackles this a little bit differently. Yeah, you might run into this on a very regular consistent basis. You know, and we’re gonna dig deep into Mike’s strategy here, but what do you seen with different industries from that b2b side? distribution channels direct to consumer, what do you see on the streets? The cool

Nicole Donnelly  09:31

Yeah, I mean, I think I have I just My question for this is like, if you are a business, and you are considering, you know, how you want to sell in this way distribution, you know, what, what are the questions that you should ask as a business Damon and Kurt, to be able to know which channels are right, and to get the right mix? I guess, because it does, you know, it does seem like it varies depending on your industry, depending on your product. So, if I’m a manufacturer and b2b, for example, or if I’m in my shoes, what are the questions that I should be asking to identify like, which channels I should be going after? Yeah,

Curt Anderson  10:05

you know what? I’m going to, I’m going to piggyback on that. And it’s kind of like what Damon saying that, you know, everybody’s taking this a little bit differently. Yeah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna pull Mike into the question here. Mike, when you took over the company, it was a very strong network of like small boutiques, you know, in distributors, those were like kind of the two challenges the two main channels that you wanted to pursue, just talk about, like what you saw when you first took over the company and kind of the evolution of the direction that you’re wanting to go down?

Mike Haragan  10:34

Well, they had started. I mean, right off the bat, we had the distribute the smaller distributors, and the national distribution as far as into these boutique, guys. But when you look at the total sales of all the dog, dog pet stores and everything, chewy and Amazon really control a large portion. Yeah, yeah. So the first thing I did, because it was seemed to be easier, I went after chewy. So we’re getting there with chewy, I’m not thrilled with some of their practices. But we’re making it work. And it’s growing business. And we’ve got our whole lineup in there. Amazon was the next and it seemed to be a whole different animal, just because there’s so many. Right now I bet there you could go on to Amazon and find 10 other people who are selling my exact products. And some of its old packaging, some of its I’m sure some of its has been bought from some of our distributors, and they just put it on there and resell it. We’re trying to work with Amazon to try to narrow that down. So the manufacturer actually has more of a say on what goes on to Amazon, we’ll see if that happens. The it just seems that it’s a wild marketplace on Amazon, and anybody can sell anything for whatever price and there’s not a lot of checks in because some of the packaging on Amazon is like two or three companies ago from like four or five years back. And I don’t know where these guys are getting it. And in the end, does that hurt my overall brand if they get something that’s out of date. And so we’re working with Amazon to try to narrow that down on who can sell. Hopefully, it’s just me right now. Because if you put indigenous on Amazon right now, I’m, you know, paying 40 cents a click, if they hit indigenous, then they go direct to my stuff. But if I don’t have that, you’re gonna have a heck of a time finding it. Now, we’ve only been up for two weeks now on Amazon. We’re selling about, I don’t know, 30 40k 40 units a week so far. So for just starting it out there and having a heck of a time even finding this out there on that marketplace. It’s not too bad. But hopefully it’s it’s it is increasing sales. Alright, you can see the graph. So it’s Yeah, those were the two that I really had to get a handle on right off the bat to get into the majority of the consumers who are buying this product and how they’re buying.

Nicole Donnelly  13:16

Yeah, I think that’s a great strategy for small businesses, those marketplaces, online marketplaces a huge, huge way for you to get in to be able to get exposure because Amazon is a massive search engine. Yeah, you know, it’s bigger than in a lot of ways bigger than Google. So, you know, I think that’s a really great play this, we talked about that all the time the marketplaces so

Damon Pistulka  13:36

great. There’s so much traffic, they whether they pay like five or $6 billion in Google advertising or something like that Amazon does. It’s not that’s what it is. You can’t you can’t do that they drive somewhere. And pets is a very popular category on Amazon, too. You know, people with prime I mean, the garden things, how many days does it show up your house? Kurt, Theo eats a lot. So chewy, Chewy, or Jewry, Amazon, that’s where our stuff comes from.

Curt Anderson  14:03

Exactly. And, you know, and again, for manufacturers out there, what’s great is, you know, depending on your market is find those marketplaces that are really kind of, you know, like, Nicole Damon, we, we preach content about like creating that community are kind of like niching that down a little bit. And so, you know, Amazon and demon we’ve had, you know, folks on the show were, you know, that stat, you know, 50 cents of every dollar of every ecommerce dollar does go to Amazon. So if you’re not on Amazon, you’re really putting yourself at a disadvantage. You have a company like chewy that just really separated themselves for those of us old enough to remember like the internet bubble with like, pets.com you know, some of those things that blew up, but now there’s a so many niche, you know, at, you know, and it’s just such a huge market. And so in for a small manufacturer, it is hard to create that community of consumers of like, Hey, I’m going to try to get one consumer at a time. So Mike, right into the b2b side, okay, so like, you know, going after a distributor or like going after the boutique I think we’re, you know, again, like you, you’re a premium product you like, this is, this is top shelf, dot, you know, this is, you know, for like Daymond, myself or like, you know, like we’re second class citizens in our home. Just kidding, but like for folks that just worship for their pets, that’s who you’re targeting, but talk about like, you know your b2b Strategy going after those distributors and going after like a boutique market. So let’s let’s go there.

Mike Haragan  15:25

Well, we just opened up a new one in Michigan, then the veteran, and they, you know, they really want us to help them sell their products sell my product. So it’s everything from there, getting them into displays, you know, for standard displays, they’re getting me into other things, they want me to ride with their salespeople to help educate and go around when we’re going to their stores. So you have to, I mean, it’s still a boutique kind of thing, a lot of these pet stores that they’re calling on in it, they still have a big, large market share of this area, I mean, you’ve got the top three, but beyond that, there’s a lot of independents out there. So that’s kind of where they’re looking at is how do they get into the independent stores. Because a lot of these distributors, you know, if you get a lot of these larger retailers now want to go direct to get the perceived savings and cost of goods. And it really, sometimes it’s doesn’t work out, but that’s where everybody wants to get where they get lowest cost of goods. So with these distributors, you’ve got to have that MAP policy to make sure that none of the big guys can undercut their price. Because that’s like the kiss of death in the industry. As far as the pet goes, you have the large and the mass guys, and then you have the boutiques. So and the mainly the distributors are going after the boutiques. So you really have to try to work with them to how to place and show him who’s got the sales email, even Nielsen goes into these boutique guys. So you can actually tell who is actually selling. And who’s like milk bones. They’re the number two and grocery and mass, they don’t even show up and well, they I guess they are there are like 10 or 12 as far as pet specialty, whereas Milkbone because of their size, and they can pay slotting and everything else, they can afford to be on the grocery shelf just for all the mass traffic is. But pet specialty is not going to support that guy. So the smaller boutique guys aren’t going to put a bunch of milk bones on their shelf because they know grocery guy down the street is going to undersell him for two or three bucks a year. Yeah, yep. So that’s where you got to work with these pets to pet specialty wholesalers and retailers try to get them across the board pricing where they’re not at a disadvantage. And that’s really what they’re looking for. They just want a level playing field and they don’t want to have to go against the bigger guys and a price war. So you have to keep your pricing pretty well established and where the retail is going to be at

Damon Pistulka  18:21

when you talked about it too and then when you’re doing that, that either minimum advertised pricing the map pricing or the minimum retail pricing to because you can have a different like an in store compared to an advertised price to that and just the amount of effort it is to patrol that right is crazy because you mentioned all the other sellers on Amazon and and those guys Yeah, yeah it’s tough.

Curt Anderson  18:48

It’s a wild west and when I love what you’re saying Mike and again for other manufacturers out there that are either considering going this route or dipping their toe into like hey how do I you know look for new channels channel distribution, how do I not disrupt the market per se but you know, it’s a little bit like for folks in the food world of like you know, hey Whole Foods versus you know, Dollar Store or Walmart or like other commodities and you’re certainly not looking to cannibalize yourself a race to the bottom you’re trying to maintain a premium product at a premium quality price. And again, we’re gonna dig into some of the reviews you have you know, for just starting out on Amazon and for being on chewy you have dozens upon dozens of five star reviews and so you have just raving raving fans and again I’m one of them I want to pull up a couple of comments here so a Karen’s here she says as convenient as Amazon is I prefer going to local distributor to support other small business Thank you indigenous finance distributors in my area now keeping my fingers crossed eventually expanded dog food a thank you Karen appreciate that. People that worship their pets Adam, Adam think that demographic is growing with more and more young adults deciding not to have children striking the iron while the hot for sure Make

Damon Pistulka  20:02

a great one, Adam. And you

Curt Anderson  20:06

know this will give Adam a round of applause.

Nicole Donnelly  20:10

Funny Adam so punny. Yeah.

Damon Pistulka  20:14

Well, this is I mean, you gotta you got a real real conundrum, Mike, because you’re moving, you want to move through distributors, you want to keep it in the boutique and you want to be on chewing Amazon. I mean, it’s it’s the it’s the thing though. But solving that challenge will allow you guys to scale far beyond because the new buyer demographic, there’s going to be a portion of them that are going to go to their small boutique store that you want them to keep coming into there. And then a portion of them maybe once they find you, they’ll order online or maybe they’ll not never go to a store. And to maximize your and the nice part about it is is you don’t at least now your strat doesn’t sound like your strategy includes going into the big chain stores. Because that’s, that’s a whole nother animal.

Mike Haragan  21:00

I mean, the Petco pet supplies those kinds of guys are kind of okay with the boutique guys. Yeah, step is the Walmart Kroger, target mass guys, those are, once you get into that arena, that’s when it really starts to ruffle flip feathers, so to speak.

Nicole Donnelly  21:23

Yeah, I love what Curt always says to he always says you need to know your customers customer, right? That was your customers customer. And I think your customers customer really is looking for that premium product, they want a really great experience, they want the best of the best for their for their dogs, and they’re going to go to a boutique pet store, that’s going to be their first choice because they know that that store is going to carry the premium products they’re looking for, and it’s going to be an experience where they can go and experience, you know, something new, and

Mike Haragan  21:55

the people who work in those stores are much more knowledgeable about the products. Yeah, anybody and it’s gonna be Yep. And you can actually talk to those people. And that’s where the distributor wants me to go in to the boutique guys, because they’ll listen, they’ll try to learn so they can help their customers out later. Yeah.

Curt Anderson  22:14

Yeah, that’s fantastic. Another thing you know, as your distributors, and folks, like you just talked about picking up this new customer in Michigan, they’re looking for education. And so the great thing is like that social proof, we’ve talked about that all the time. So I’m just gonna rattle off a few reviews. Of course, I should have my wife on the program. knows I just, I just love my dog. And so like, she, she goes, she goes, I know, you think I’m crazy. She goes, I literally think his coat is shinier. That’s the gospel of truth. And like my wife was like, over the top for my life. But these are some of the reviews. If you guys go on Amazon, I drop them in the chat box and I’m chewy. You know, dogs love these. My dogs absolutely love them eliminated bad breath. And how about this one? Like no more greenies. And somebody went on never typing. Talk was getting allergic reactions to greet I’m sorry to throw out the competitors, but know when to tie into your competitors that you have. But they were saying that their dog was getting allergic reactions, not with indigenous pet products. Perfect tree, doggy. My dog. She calls her her dog, my dog is so fresh, important element to my dog’s dental health. And then these are awesome. And again, there’s dozens and dozens of five star reviews. Now Nicole, I want to chime in like you this is a really unique strategy that you and Amy have with approaching content for clients. And you encourage manufacturers to like, hey, let’s call out the manual. Let’s call out the competition. And people are like, Hey, wait a minute. You’re making me cringe. I can’t talk about the competition, who I don’t want to shine a bright light on them. But it’s a great for SEO share a little bit about why manufacturers should be calling out their competitors on on content on their website.

Nicole Donnelly  24:02

Yes. So this methodology, it came from the amazing Marcus Sheridan. He’s a marketing great and he came up with this, basically because his business was struggling, what almost 15 years ago, and he had a pool business rubber pools, and it was struggling and he just decided he had learned about what’s called you know, inbound marketing is really big at that time. And it’s all about just transparency and educating your customer and the right customer will find you. And so he implemented that in his business and literally created blog articles on his website addressing some of these questions that are kind of like these really taboo topics, you know, price, right, everybody skirts around price. Everyone’s afraid to talk about how much their product costs because they’re worried their competitors going to undercut them or they’re worried that they’re going to you know, people are going to not buy from them or you know, so price was one of them. Another one is competition. That’s another big question that customers have when they’re buying something is it Who’s who aren’t the main competitors in the space? And how is your product different than theirs? And so Mark has shared and created these he calls them the top five. And it’s price. It’s, you know, competitors. It’s who’s the best in class? It’s who are the what are the reviews saying about this product? And it’s versus and comparison. So how does this, you know, the problems? How does? How does this solve my problem? So those are the top five. And so, you know, I adore Marcus shared, and I’m so excited, he’s actually going to be on my podcast this week. It’s like, it’s, like over the moon excited to interview him. But the strategy works. I’ve seen it work for many businesses that I’ve worked with. And it’s just simple. It’s simple. All you do is you answer questions that your customers are asking in a very authentic and transparent way you don’t shy away from talking about your competitors, you educate them, you put yourself in the shoes of your customer and say what do they need to know in order to feel comfortable making this purchasing decision, and just, you know, remove your remove the sales out of it, and just educate. And so that’s really what we’re trying to do for Mike here. And Amy, our amazing content strategist who works on this account, I’d love to turn it over to her. She’s just doing a really remarkable job. We built out this really great learning center for the distributors for Mike’s distributors, so that when they come they can learn and get their questions answered. So Amy, why don’t you talk a little bit more about what what it is you’ve been working on here? Yeah. Um,

Amy Sariego  26:29

yeah, like you said, we’ve just been trying to answer all those questions using those big five blog topics to do it. So so far, and try to if you wanted to share your screen, um, you can pull up the Learning Center and look at the the batch. So you can see we’ve done that. Yeah. We have the four best reviewed dental health bones for dogs. So we do call out those. The competitors.

Curt Anderson  26:56

Can you guys see my screen? Yep. Okay, so real quick game, I’m, what I’m gonna do is just kind of show the site, Rohit got a cure. In me, you know what we’re going to let’s jump in and learn a center. I want to pull in Mike, real quick here, Mike, what was kind of a two prong question, what appealed to you in the end, you got what they’ll tell you, your team were like, you know, what we want to we believe in this product. We’re gonna buy this company, what was so appealing to you to believe in this company?

Mike Haragan  27:25

Well, I mean, it was a company that I’d never heard of before. But I’m a dog owner, you know, I got two of them at home. And so we started trying them, and they did help clean the teeth. And so it worked out pretty well. It’s got a great ingredient statement. That’s really what brought it all together, though. Yeah. I mean, you can just see that you can recognize most of the ingredients on the label. There’s nothing that’s really out of crazy, you know, preservatives, and that kind of natural, artificial colors and that kind of stuff. There’s none of that here. So. And then once we did start seeing the reviews from customers, before we bought the company, it was like, you know, everybody loves this product. It’s just got to get out there. Yeah, the price point at 7099 seems to be right in line for the amount of bones in the way that I haven’t a product actually a little cheaper than greenies or whimsies and those kind of guys. So it’s, you know, just kind of fell on our lap and it felt good and I just we just took off running really soon as we found it.

Curt Anderson  28:36

I absolutely love it. And I love Mike, you’ve been you’ve totally braced this content marketing strategy, I want to dig into that. But Amy, let’s let’s dig into kind of your strategy. How your approach here with the Learning Center, let’s go there. Yeah.

Amy Sariego  28:51

So yeah, so this Learning Center and then like we were talking about those big five topics, trying to just get right in there. Those four best reviewed dental health bones for dogs that cause that right away, you know, what people are saying about them? Who the competitors are, because at the end of the day, like people are doing the research especially for their dogs, they want to know what’s in there. They’re gonna find out about the competitors anyway, you know, I mean, it’s not like it’s a secret so you might as well be the one okay, here’s what’s here is who’s out there and what, what they’re doing compared to what we’re doing. And then this two calls out a little bit of the pricing and then go back to the wait a little bit deeper on that. The fourth best USA may dental dogbone blogs and so then it’s not just to about getting all of those I’m getting the keywords in there those ridiculously important keywords as I know Kurt has named them, but also making sure it’s talking to that customer that you want. So those small boutique, pet store owners and distributors and is what you’re saying relevant To them, because then that’s that helps build that relationship that helps educate them, like Mike is trying to do. So just getting in there ahead of the game. And then yeah, answering your question. So like, Okay, I need a high quality dog bone for my dog. But what does that mean? So right in here, you get into all those great things that Mike started talking about the kelp meal first on the list. And then just giving them a little bit about like, Okay, here’s what it is, here’s what it does, here’s why it’s important for you. And so this is good, too, because it is relevant to that, that ideal buyer, but it’s also if there is someone who’s buying it on Amazon, they can come in here too, and say like, Okay, this is relevant to me as well, I can find something that I need to know for my dog.

Curt Anderson  30:42

Yeah, this is fantastic. And microwave, Nicole, and I discovered some great news like, you know, they’re doing a phenomenal job getting first page, not only first page rankings, Damon, but they’re starting to capture a lot of number one rankings for like dental dog bones in like premium dog bone manufacturer. So there’s a lot of light of great opportunity for them to help, you know, our tagline stopped being the best kept secret. And so the cool thing is, is they’ve you know, Nicole talked a little bit about like that subject matter expert, you know, strategy and like doing that interview, like go there for a second?

Nicole Donnelly  31:14

Yes, yes. So what we do here is we have a content calendar, that’s, that’s planned out for the entire year. And it’s based entirely on Mike’s buyer persona, those distributors, and identifying what are the top questions and objections that these these buyers are having. And then every month, we have a select number of topics that we interview mike on and we record him talking about these specific topics. And so then what we can do is we can create a blog article from the transcript of that interview, and we get some really great video clips that we can add to the blog post. So it just really makes the content so rich, it makes it really engaging for the users because they can, they can see video, they get to see the face of the you know, the company, and they get to learn and be educated about the product. So, you know, it’s just really and you know, your website is your home base, like they get like Amy mentioned, someone goes to Amazon, they’re doing their research, they’re gonna, they’re gonna come to your website, it’s like the last place people are gonna go, it’s your home, right, as a company, it is your home. And so being able to show up for those people on your website and answer those questions is huge. Because branded searches are just so people always sleep on branded searches. But branded searches are awesome, if you see someone typing in Google, your specific brand, and that’s showing up over time, that’s what you want, at the end of the day, you want that more, you want those branded searches to go up over time, even more so then, you know, that’s just a sign that your brand awareness is increasing, and all of those things so, so yeah, this it’s a really great, we love doing this with clients, because they only have to commit for like an hour a month, and they get just so much content out of it with so such low lift for them. So

Curt Anderson  33:00

that’s perfect. I’m going to stop share, I’m going to come back to you guys for a minute. Mike, what inspired you to you know, like with global pack, like what, you know, you have a family of brands, what inspired you were like, you know, what, we need to stop being the best kept secret, we need some help with content marketing, kind of share your your background, your strategy, what enticed you to go this direction?

Mike Haragan  33:20

Well, most of our other products or more the store brands, so we were the Kroger label the Walmart label the Dollar General label. Yeah, so there wasn’t a lot. I mean, we had a website, we, you know, with global packaging, but there wasn’t a lot that we could really do to really expand the brand awareness of salt and pepper shaker. It is what it is. But it’s it, you know, but it sells like crazy, right? Once you get a brand that you’ve got to grow, you really need to do a lot more things and just put it out there. You just can’t, you know, especially I mean, maybe if you’re a milk bone or something like that, that’s been around for 50 years on the shelf, but not everybody is heard as indigenous so we had to do some other things and invest in some advertising promotional effects on the web and just grow it because otherwise it would just be me calling dialing and trying to get everybody and then I can get it on the shelf. But then still nobody knows what it is and what kind of good product it is or you know, what is it going to do? So that’s what the internet and getting this blog and everything going to tell people and educate people what kind of product we really have here. So it was something I had to do that I didn’t have to do with my other products because it was more of a store brand kind of on product. So but this It’s very important to get the word out about what is indigenous and what does it How will it help your dog. So that’s why we went this direction.

Curt Anderson  35:09

Perfect. So let’s let’s go a little love and little shout out to the Purdue MEP that Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership is matter of fact, for a shameless plug, we have a really fun webinar with our dear friend Jeff Long this Thursday at 12 o’clock Eastern time, at the Purdue MEP, we’re gonna be covering some video marketing strategies. But Mike talk about like your relationship with a Purdue MEP, what what it’s done for you and like how we got this relationship going to get things crank and for indigenous?

Mike Haragan  35:37

Well, art was our contact to begin with, he had been working with one of our sister companies, global plastics down in Indianapolis to do some things. And he called me up one day and I just started talking to him. And I brought me to Kurt. And so but first of all, was more of a website, how do I get a website developed to start this process? So that was kind of the first hurdle we had to do is get that together. And now that we got the website, that’s how it started. And now we started rolling with all the advertising and promotions. So yeah, pretty healthy, brought it all together to begin with.

Curt Anderson  36:17

Well, big shout out to Jean Jones, our Chow, Julie, everybody, all of our dear friends at the Purdue Emmy P. Nicole so I immediately we I needed some big guns on this project. So I pulled in your the dmg and Amy, you’re on deck in a minute, I’m going to pull up some of the magic that you’ve been performing with Nicole like when you met Mike, when you met indigenous just kind of talked about like your process at dmg and like how you want to start, like really attacking the content here, and just how excited we were to work with such a fun company, you know, such as product?

Nicole Donnelly  36:49

Yes, I mean, it’s just such a great product. I think, first of all, you know, it’s so exciting to be part of helping build brands that are just doing creating really great things for their customers, you know, and there’s just so much this product is, you know, it just, it’s a wonderful product, it’s a high quality product. And it’s you can the reviews speak for themselves. So I think it was exciting to be part of that. And just to take a brand as Mike, you know, he’s purchased this company, and there’s just so much room and so much opportunity to increase his digital presence, because he’s really just starting out with his website. And so for me, it’s just like, the opportunity there was just incredible, because we’re starting from, like, you know, the beginning, like the, we’re building the foundation of this brand together. And it’s really nice to be a part of that to really ongoing continually beef up their web presence. And, you know, this is a process, it’s not like an overnight thing that happens when you’re building a brand, it is a long game. And it is a consistent, you know, regular process where you’re having to regularly put yourself out there coming on live streams like this, you know, getting out of your comfort zone, you know, doing this for the first time and then continuing every month to be putting out new content and getting on video and getting on camera and, you know, sharing that personal, you know, side of the brand is just so, so critical these days. And it’s gonna become more and more important, that branding aspect of it with AI. So it’s really fun to be part of just starting out from beginning and helping to build this together. And really trying to you know, explore a lot of different channels. You know, we’re working together we have, obviously the website content that we’re creating the videos on YouTube, live streaming and then distributional, you know, opportunities across social so it’s really nice to be able to help support Mike in that way and help you know, get the word out about this awesome product.

Curt Anderson  38:48

Yeah, I love that and hey Damon, how about our friend Adam? Yeah, hey, you know I’ll educate your competition Hey, we’re pushing at him I think you know that line from somebody and hey, Whitney Houston is here today Whitney Happy Monday to you my friend. I’d say I have a kid but I still love my fur babies and my wife’s where’s your dog? And our kids? I thought or they they said they stopped greeting me at the door as they got older.


That’s a good that’s a good

Curt Anderson  39:20

hires here Diane Happy Monday. So again, my Kerrigan from indigenous pet products. So Damon what?

Damon Pistulka  39:28

I just think I think it’s so cool. Mike, where you’re at with this and this kind of product is timing. I mean, I look at a lot of different products that are sold on Amazon every week month and it seems like but the the really good pet food right? Like the pet like treats you’re making these things are the brands that are so fun now and I think that the boutique stores the way you’re doing it with online and the other things I mean, it’s just such an opportunity for for you and it’s got to be fun for you to be able to kind of be the architect behind this stuff.

Mike Haragan  40:06

It’s fun. It’s Yes. Good, pretty good time to do this stuff too. I mean, it’s got a good base. And so we got something to work with, you know, it’s just not all ground zero. So it’s got a good name and the area’s, but we just need to grow awareness on the consumer side.

Damon Pistulka  40:24

Yes. Perfect. So

Curt Anderson  40:25

are any we’re going to pull up some numbers. And Mike, did you have some bags? Do you have some samples there handy handy or can you like before we were going to show you some stats that Amy’s been doing good. What are some of these flavors that like our furry friend, he’s at home? What are the flavors that

Mike Haragan  40:44

we have smoked bacon, we have chicken got a potato and lamb and a duck and apple which are I mean, we talk about dog allergies, that kind of stuff. Those are the three items we’ve got that do not have chicken meal in them. So that’s kind of a special if you have dogs with allergies, those would be the items to get because it is more of a cleaners. Ingredients. And it doesn’t have chicken meal. Right. So and then we have tasted lamb got fresh breath.

Nicole Donnelly  41:18

The other ones I don’t know that duck and Apple sounds good to me.

Curt Anderson  41:21

It’s mine was

Nicole Donnelly  41:26

a dog. That’s the one I go for.

Mike Haragan  41:29

You know, and it’s only got 12388 items, eight ingredients. And that feels a second item in here.

Curt Anderson  41:38

Yep. And Mike, if you could hold hold up, hold up on those bags. I just And what was great is like, you know, so Damon, this speaks to your growth with acquisition. Like, here’s a situation like a thriving company, multiple, you know, different channels, different products, like you said commodities that they’re selling, you know, like salt shakers to, you know, Walmart Dollar General. These guys, they had the branding, and it’s really sharp branding, the packaging. So a lot of that homework out of that heavy lift was already behind. Yeah, this thing’s exactly to your growth by exit acquisition strategy. Yeah,

Damon Pistulka  42:11

because it was something that you could plug and play some of it. Right. And you could leverage your experience already. Yeah, that’s really cool.

Curt Anderson  42:19

And Mike for the record, Adam says, Hey, I’m starting to sell you know, what do you and I were doing for lunch? So you and I were gonna go grab some tequila Napa for lunch? I’m going to I’m gonna

Damon Pistulka  42:33

do it is pets people if you if you got pets that don’t have these kinds of allergies Lucky you. But when your pets get the allergies you gotta it’s a it’s a search. Yeah, it’s a search because you gotta you’re reading ingredients on the back of it. And yes, you probably do it more than you did with your kids. But yeah, that’s the way it goes.

Curt Anderson  42:53

Exactly. All right, Amy, here we go. Let me try to share my screen again. One more time. And let’s see how this goes. And if I go here, here, here and can you guys see my screen? Yes. Okay. Amy, let’s talk about this is the screen I have is this a screen? He wanted me to pull up? Yeah, perfect. What’s going on here?

Amy Sariego  43:17

So these are the changes that we’ve seen over time. We just published our first couple of blogs right at the end of March. And so if you want to change that date and Kurt from from April to May, which is when we really started getting in a good cadence Yeah, I would say May the start taping may that’s okay. Oh, I’m sorry. But yeah, we we’ve seen some really great increases in there in the indigenous pet website traffic so we’ve seen those Brandon terms go up we’ve seen those organic terms go up but then we also have people brand new users coming to the website and they’re engaging with the content there so they are taking the time they’re reading the blogs they’re they’re taking in the videos that Mike has been starring in

Nicole Donnelly  44:09

he’s gonna get his academy award soon we’re all waiting for that day. It was a great job.

Damon Pistulka  44:15

I bet you never thought you were going to be a video started your mic

Curt Anderson  44:25

for those of us in the 80s might remember

Nicole Donnelly  44:28

the radio star Video Killed the Radio Star

Curt Anderson  44:30

so Hey, good, but me just I mean look at these numbers. I mean, this is fantastic. Again, like you know, company was, you know, website wasn’t a top priority previous you know, there was a transition but man, you’re just doing an awesome job with some of these numbers here.

Amy Sariego  44:47

Maybe we’re up to almost 400% increase in traffic so hoping you know as we keep getting those pods published or in some of the top pages, it’s a it is a long game, but it is definitely rewarding when you see the short Game also getting some good results.

Damon Pistulka  45:02

You don’t pay for that traffic either. And you don’t pay for that trip over time. It’s your favorite word, Kurt. What’s your favorite word?

Amy Sariego  45:12

Three. Your favorite word is holy Couser. In other words, it

Nicole Donnelly  45:20


Curt Anderson  45:25

Cows are free, they all kind of you know, my dog field. They’re all really sweet. Okay, well, we’ll start winding down here. So Mike, let’s just recap a few things for friends that just started that are that just kind of came in. So we’re with Mike Kerrigan, president of indigenous pet products, dental, dental health bones that are just nutritional. They’re just fantastic. Tons of reviews, you’re on chewy, you’re on Amazon, you can check out indigenous pet products. You’re putting your product out at boutiques and distributors, you now have dedicated yourself to stop being the best kept secret. And you are doing that content strategy. Nicole, you just talked about Mike being that Video Star let’s let’s Latin Tyvek. Mike, let’s go there for a minute, you know, like not necessarily like your comfort zone. And before you met me, you probably never dreamt that you’d be knocking down some Rockstar videos, how’s it felt for you to be doing videos subject and again, like this is a newer product line for you. But just the value, the system, the process, and how we’ve got to stop being the best kept secret somehow. So just talking about like your view of going through this process?

Mike Haragan  46:31

Oh, it’s been pretty easy and pretty. You know, it’s been a quick, and it’s then efficient. And it’s definitely had a lot of effect on the traffic definitely coming into the website. So I mean, we do have a couple of meetings a week for about an hour. And we get all this content from Nicole and Amy. So it’s all it’s worked out very well. I mean, I was definitely surprised and pleased with all the new stuff that’s going on and the results that are taking place.

Curt Anderson  47:06

Yeah, it’s super cool. niccone. Any any segue Now, Mike, before I go to turn into coal, like, like as you were knocking down like a couple blog posts a week before meeting us, right? Like he would whip out a blog on my 1000, we’re logged in.

Mike Haragan  47:28

Today, you see all those on the website now.

Curt Anderson  47:35

Any comments that you want to piggyback on that, as far as like just the efficiency of like, just getting that information out there for folks?

Nicole Donnelly  47:42

Yeah, I mean, nobody likes let Look, nobody wants to sit down and write a blog, especially small business owners who are so busy, you’ve got so much to do, the last thing you want to do is sit down and write a blog. But when you do when you do, it’s so scalable, your sales team is so scalable. So it’s really nice to be able to try to lift that burden off of the small business, you know, the team and just really try to take that off of their shoulders as much as possible. But the great thing about it is, is that we’re tapping into their subject matter expertise and their knowledge. So it’s coming directly from their mouth. And we’re just doing all of that work that they don’t have time to do that they don’t want to do and just really trying to put it up on the website so it can scale for them. So it’s really fun to be a part of. So yeah, I love it. It’s super fun. And Mike is like the dream client. I just love working with him. It’s amazing. He’s just so great to work with. So yeah, it’s really been great. But I want to get to these trivia questions because I know we gotta we got to do some.

Curt Anderson  48:46

So guys, we have some trivia. Are you Damon, are you sitting down? Are you ready?

Damon Pistulka  48:49

I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m gonna give it a try.

Mike Haragan  48:53

Well, I already told the one. Let’s see.

Amy Sariego  48:57

Oh, yeah. And

Nicole Donnelly  48:58

so listeners out there. Here’s the deal. So Mike’s gonna take all the questions, you got to say your answers all in one chat response. So that way we can tally up and figure out the winner. So, Mike, if you want to read right answers, yep, write your answers down out there. And then when he’s done answer with all the questions, just put all your answers in the chat and then Amy and I are gonna

Curt Anderson  49:20

win. He’s here. Whitney loves it. Let’s when you’re ready. Let’s hear the first trivia.

Mike Haragan  49:27

First. trivia question. Where do the dogs sleep at night? What percentage? I mean, obviously, everybody knows that. They sleep in the owners bed. What percentage of the dogs sleep in the owners bed. And these questions are from the American national pet owners association. So that’s the big one and then we’ve got another one. Let’s see. Dental Health what percentage of buyers in the treat category by dental health bones there’s a percentage of the whole category of treats that dental health as part of what percentage is that? By are going in there and buying a dental health

Damon Pistulka  50:31

these like these are tough. Yeah, yeah, I’m

Nicole Donnelly  50:35

like stopped.

Mike Haragan  50:40

Let’s see what else we got? That was really the two top ones.

Curt Anderson  50:46

Let’s go. We’ll go with one more like

Mike Haragan  50:49

one more. All right.

Curt Anderson  50:54

So we got certain percentage of dogs that sleep with the owners in the bed. Yep.

Mike Haragan  51:00

Off the wall that I didn’t expect. What percentage of dogs have a electronic tracking device? Oh,

Curt Anderson  51:10

that’s a great question. I like that question.

Damon Pistulka  51:12

Does does it include just the RFID chips or any kind of electronic tracking device?

Mike Haragan  51:19

Just says electronic.

Damon Pistulka  51:23

Okay, I just wanted to be careful. I’m adding percentages because you know, I got no idea.

Nicole Donnelly  51:30

Kurt and Daymond do your cat and your dogs have electronic tracking devices?

Damon Pistulka  51:38

If chips are

Curt Anderson  51:44

I honestly don’t know. I don’t think so. We have we have electric fence, but we do not have the tracking device. How’s that? So I’m going to find the one the ones. Yeah. So nobody wants to take him. He’s doing like these. Alright, let’s go. I have a if anybody 63% If you guys want to drop your answers, so what percentage of dogs sleeping bed with the owner. What percentage of dog treats are geared towards Dental? And the third one is what percentage of pets actually have a tracking device?

Damon Pistulka  52:17

Yeah. Animals like exact see now that’s funny thing is is I guessed 63% for the electronics and Adam guests 63 first two? We did yeah. Did the 63 number. That’s weird.

Curt Anderson  52:33

All right, and we’ve got 6327 50 for anybody else with us. You want to drop those in the chat box. Damon, are you can we hear your numbers? Because you know what I did when I heard these numbers the other day from like, so

Damon Pistulka  52:44

I’m I just I think the first two I was like 50%. I said because they couldn’t figure at least half of them do. And then then the treats I said by the dental treats out of the treat category I believe was question I said 20% of those people do that. Okay, and then I said 63 for the electronics, but I might be a little bit low for the like so.

Curt Anderson  53:06

Alright, Whitney’s at 4025. Adams got 6327 54 If anybody else wants to drop those in the chat, Mike, should we get Nicholas we get a drumroll gone?

Nicole Donnelly  53:16

Let’s do it. Right number all

Mike Haragan  53:21

might increase the percentage of dogs who sleep in their owners bed 44%

Curt Anderson  53:29

Oh, yeah. Oh, Damon, you were close to Sunday. We’re close.

Nicole Donnelly  53:32

Yeah. Damon, when’s that one?

Mike Haragan  53:35

Next? Already? The dental health bones are actually 43% of the whole train category.

Damon Pistulka  53:44

I was way off

Curt Anderson  53:45

43% Whitney?

Nicole Donnelly  53:48

out one. Good job.

Mike Haragan  53:50

So and then electronic electronic tracking devices. One half of dog owners have a tracking device. So 50%.

Damon Pistulka  54:00

Adam, if he saw

Mike Haragan  54:04

in Michigan with those guys, and they don’t sell those tracking devices, they never even thought of that before. That it was such a big category. And I was like, I was surprised to 50%

Curt Anderson  54:16

Yep, that’s work. Yeah, I agree with Whitney. I wonder if people just started admitting that they’re there. Yeah.

Damon Pistulka  54:23

But you gotta you gotta admit a lot of people a lot of people in the more rural settings have outdoor dogs. Oh, that’s a good point. And then, you know, you think hunting dogs and there’s just there’s a lot of them. Yeah.

Curt Anderson  54:35

They’re cute, you know, but, you know, sometimes the dog is more attached on one spouse over the other and maybe different rooms and you know who was right so, but it was I that was great trivia. i Let’s start winding down. I want to be mindful of everybody’s time as we come into the bottom of the hour. Amy, I’d like to give you your last shot here. How much fun it’s been any parting thoughts and Words of Wisdom is going through this process working with Mike and the team at indigenous pots, any thoughts that you’d like to share as we close out?

Amy Sariego  55:08

No, just that it’s been great so far, Mike, as I like Nicole said, like a prime client to do this with, he always has gets the questions ahead of time and knows exactly what he’s gonna say. So whether that’s for the blog always knows exactly what to say. So it’s been very easy. And then I think just seeing the results like, and now my data brain saying like, okay, like, what’s next? Like, how can we keep them here? What can we like, give them as an action to do like when someone comes on to the site? So it’s, it’s fun. I mean, I know, Nicole said, like, Oh, no one wants to write a blog, but I, you know, a baby, and you get to do pet puns. So.

Curt Anderson  55:44

So, Damon, lots of juicy stuff here. Lots of Yeah. And so what Mike’s starting to do is David, do you know anything about live streams? Do you do live streams at all?

Damon Pistulka  55:53

Done? I think this is my second one is Nick.

Curt Anderson  55:57

Like, so you’ve probably done like, what for? What are you on the hundreds? So like is this was getting mike on stage now understanding that customers customer what we’ve been talking about, like, some of your customers on a live stream, get those distributors get those boutique shops and like, get a different perspective. And again, stop being the best kept secret, shining a bright light on the folks that he’s working with, and just really kind of tag teaming that. And so that’s going to be a really fun, exciting way. Yeah. Love it. And has Illuminae have your Wi Fi on because we’re going to have all sorts of more dog trivia thoughts. Sure. Yeah, dog, you name it tips and strategies for our dog lovers out there. So Damon, any words of wisdom thoughts parting parting?

Damon Pistulka  56:35

No, it’s just awesome to get to get to talk with Mike and Amy about this. Because you know, you know it for maybe it’s gotta be very exciting to work with someone and build it like that. And then Mike to us, like I said before, just being able to be the architect behind this and see this brand grow. It’s gotta be very cool.

Curt Anderson  56:57

Again, thank you for joining us today. And I see owners that are so invested in their marketing, the code words of wisdom, parting thoughts, for our little show today that you’d like,

Nicole Donnelly  57:05

Oh, it’s just nice to be part of this dream team. It’s so much fun, like to be out, like, just it’s been great, really rewarding. And Amy’s just doing fantastic work. I just, she’s just like she said about the data, she sees the data and she’s already on it. Like here’s, you know, analyzing what we need to do next. And just really, really laser focused on, you know, really helping indigenous pets get even more success. And that’s just Yeah, that’s what we’re passionate. Like, we just want we just want to help Mike and the team win. So it’s really exciting to be part of that. And yeah, it’s just been great. So thank you to the Purdue MVP. And to Curt Anderson for this wonderful, you know, relationship we built and for everyone out there listening. Like, if you have a furry friend, you got to try this product. It’s a really incredible product. And I think did Adam win the prize? I think he might have been our prize winner. Yeah. Was Adam.

Curt Anderson  57:59

Gonna give a shout out to Damon Adam, and we will talk to Mike and we’ll get Yes. Out here. So we’ll get Mike we’ll get that worked out. So as we wind down again, we’re with Mike Kerrigan indigenous pet products, great pet treats here. Your dog will absolutely love them. And what’s so cool meeting, you know, let’s unpack a lot of topics we covered Made in USA OEM trying to get that product direct to market direct to the consumer. How do we navigate those channels? The branding, so all sorts of fun things. Mike, I have one last question for you. Before we wrap up before I do that, any words of wisdom parting thoughts, anything that you’d like to share for folks

Mike Haragan  58:41

know this pretty well tucked out here so

Curt Anderson  58:51

like, I could like Amy’s like he was talking like a month? You know I can.

Nicole Donnelly  59:00

My question for Mike is would you do it again? Would you come on beyond the live show again?

Curt Anderson  59:04

Oh, sure. So let’s go. Let’s go here, Mike. So we’ve mentioned we’ve mentioned remember, I opened up with a curveball number I opened up right. Well guess what I’m closing with it. I’ve gone over my slider. Now. Damon you ready for this? Okay, so, Mike, are you baseball fan by any chance? any stretch of the imagination? Watch it. Yeah, you watch it once a while. So, Amy, I know you’re a Phillies. Mike, what’s

Mike Haragan  59:27

your who’s your team? Cardinals?

Curt Anderson  59:29

Alright, Cardinals fan. Oh, good

Damon Pistulka  59:30

choice. Good choice. Good choice.

Curt Anderson  59:32

Jim. Jim Carr wasn’t here. Was he a cardinal back in the day or who are a few years? Bob dips and I’m thinking about Goodson right now, how’s that and that’s one of my favorites. Okay. So, like, let’s say that it’s top of the bottom of the ninth bottom of the hype this pure hypothetical bottom of the ninth inning and there’s a guy on second base who’s two outs high score in a manager looks down the bench. It was still a Russo that’s the first manager I can think of for the card. As he looks down the bench, he’s like, Hey, Harrigan get up there to the plate. Okay, you’re walking up to the plate two outs guy on second and it’s Ty score like like Dude we need Mike to come through other than the song let the dog who let the dogs out dogs out what is your walk up song for Biden on the ninth with a guy on second and two outs What’s your walk up song

Nicole Donnelly  1:00:36

I’m dying to know this.

Mike Haragan  1:00:39

Fighters who’s my hero or

Damon Pistulka  1:00:47

Foo Fighters. That’s a great choice.

Curt Anderson  1:00:55

Fighters on. All right. Now, we already know Amy’s Ami. I know it’s a Taylor Swift song, which would be I mean, what’s your what’s your walk up song? Which which Taylor Swift song?

Amy Sariego  1:01:04

Oh, man. That’s a hard one. Maybe. Shake it off. How about we’ll go with shake it out. Yeah, we’ll say shake it off. Yeah.

Curt Anderson  1:01:12

Alright, guys, I know we’re over time. So Michael, hey, if everybody has been sitting for the past hour, how about a big round of applause. Big round of applause. Waka waka waka

Nicole Donnelly  1:01:28

every time we’re

Curt Anderson  1:01:28

Adam, another bad dad jokes. So guys, thank you for joining us here today. Michael, thank you for joining us. We appreciate you made in USA products here. Just a great manufacturer. So guys, we’re gonna wind down we wish everybody an amazing incredible week. We have another great guest man. We’re talking live streams on this Friday. Actually Congress success stop being the best kept secret and hey, just go out and beat every just be someone’s inspiration just like Mike was today. And you guys you have a great week. So I’m going to turn off the broadcast Mike hang out with us for a minute. Plus, everybody have a great week. Have fun.


The 4 Best-Reviewed Dental Health Bones for Dogs

When it comes to the growing and ever-changing dental dog bone market, it’s important to make sure you know what’s popular, what new ingredients and regulations are coming down the pike, and, of course, what consumers are saying about the dental health bones for dogs on shelves. 

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry can be critical, and goes hand in hand with knowing who the key players in the space are. 

At Indigenous Pet Products, it’s our mission and passion to provide the best, science-backed dog dental health bones. To do this, we’ve become intimately familiar with the space, and what is and is not considered a high-quality dog bone. 

In this article, we’re highlighting four of the most popular dental dog bone brands, and giving you an overview of what consumers are saying about them. By the end of the article, you’ll have a clear understanding of who the key players are, what differentiates them, and what customers are saying about them.

We’ll be covering:


About the Brand

Greenies dental health bones for dogs come recommended by the Veterinary Association, and are made with an average of 30 ingredients.

What Consumers Are Saying

“My 3 dogs each get one greenie every morning after breakfast. They love those things! One of them will try to get me to give him the greenie first because he would rather have that than his food, that’s how much he loves it. The vet has given all 3 of my dogs thumbs up for their dental hygiene and told me “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.” —SJG via Chewy

“My puppy absolutely loves these treats. I am happy that they are cleaning his teeth while he is enjoying them.” — Jett via Chewy

“These are perfect size for a 1-2 treat loving beagle. Not too small, not too big, and she can have 2 in a day some days, which makes her very happy.” — BeagleLove via Chewy

“We have given our dogs Greenies for at least the past 20 years. They help with tartar and the dogs always seem to be thrilled to get them. I’m doing something a little different with my current 2 Springer Spaniels (about 40 lbs each). They each get a Teenie Greenie for dessert after their 2 meals. They do need to chew them, even if they are a lot smaller than the more appropriate size for their weight. It works very well!” — Chris via Chewy

“This is a great, favorite treat, and it really does help keep the dog’s teeth clean and breath smelling good.” — Lynne via Chewy


About the Brand

Whimzees dental dog bones are made with an average of 10 ingredients, and feature a ridged design to help keep dog’s teeth clean. They cost $1.41 per bone.

What Consumers Are Saying

“These are great and help my dog’s teeth when there’s stuff stuck in them. I also like that it lasts him a bit and isn’t instantly gone, which can happen a lot with dental treats.” Sarah via Chewy

“Our beagle loves these. He is quite an aggressive chewer and we have found these to be perfect. It takes him some concentrated time and effort to chew these. Loving them.” Murph via Chewy

“Whimzees are my preferred dental chew for our German Shepherd Dog. Chewing time outlasts other brands. Breath also remains fresher than other brands. The chews do not affect her sensitive digestive system.” — ChiPet via Chewy

“My dog adores these things so much I get a smaller size so he can have more than one a day. They do a great job of keeping his teeth and breath clean.” —DogLuv via Chewy

“After one week there was a noticeable difference in my dog’s teeth. Still have one tooth with tartar but may need a brush. Awesome product.” —Bums via Chewy


About the Brand

Merrick dental dog treats are made with 12-15 fresh, real whole foods sourced from local farms, and does not include any artificial flavors or preservatives. They cost roughly $2.27 per bone.

What Consumers Are Saying

My dog loves the power bites and they are just the right size for a small dog!” — TKA3 via Chewy

“My pup, Samson, loves these treats. I appreciate the healthy ingredients. Chicken is the first ingredient so you know there’s a lot of protein instead of fillers. Samson loved the smell of them. Had him begging for more. The treats are a little big for my 10 pound dog, but that’s ok because I break them up into 3 or 4 pieces. Get more treats from the bag that way as well! Highly recommend.” — willal2 via Merrick

“My dog loves these! Grain free is a plus because he has some grain allergies that affect his sensitive skin. Before I even opened these, he was trying to take the whole bag with him! I will definitely be ordering these from Chewy regularly.” — Anonymous via Merrick

“I bought the Beef, Chicken and Rabbit and Sweet potato flavors.I wanted something healthy to give my girls, they get a treat when they are called to come in from outside, they come in and automatically sit and wait for their “cookie.” I used to buy the larger treats but I decided to try these. They are just the perfect size! My girls loved them! I will buy them again and certainly recommend them!” — Josie via Chewy

“My border collies love these treats – I’m happy too as this treat contains L-Carnitine.” —MurphysMom via Chewy

Indigenous Pet Products

About the Brand

These dental health bones for dogs are made with a patented recipe that includes kelp meal, designed to help break down plaque and prevent gingivitis, and contain an average of 12 ingredients. They cost roughly $1.41 per bone.

What Consumers Are Saying

“We started using these 4 years ago. One dog had considerable plaque buildup which then was gone in a few weeks. These were not available during much of the pandemic, and now are more expensive than before. We had to try other “dental chews,” but none worked as well. Do Not Doubt – These get rid of plaque and keep it away. Our two 25 pound dogs each get 1/2 daily after their lunch. They like them so much that they sometimes stop eating their lunch and stand by the pantry where these are stored.” — Cammer via Chewy

“I needed something my dogs like that would combat their bad breath. These are great, both of my dogs love them and their breath is not horrible anymore.” — Kathy via Chewy

“I feel so good giving these treats to my dog who has a very sensitive stomach. I believe they are good for his teeth and his tummy, and he absolutely loves them!” — Suzy via Chewy

“This is a great treat with pumpkin. Also no propylene glycol! (An unhealthy additive in many pet treats).” — Wintermom via Chewy

“My poodle (35 lbs) can barely contain herself as I am making coffee in the morning because as we sit with our cups, she gets the Carrot/Pumpkin dental cookie by Indigenous!!! First one half, then she has to wait for the second half laying in front of her until I give the OK! Then snap and it’s gone!!! I use two sizes, – 1/2 of a large first, then a whole mini in Duck and Apple as a chaser. Her teeth are glistening! She loves these and really chews them completely. They are so delicious.” — PoodleMom via Chewy

Ready to bring Indigenous Pet dental health bones to a pet store near you? Fill out our Distributor Application today to get started!

What Makes a High-Quality Dog Dental Health Bone?

If you’re a distributor within the dog health and wellness space, you already know that the category is rapidly expanding. Retailers are catching onto the fact that consumers want a higher-quality product for their dogs. 

They want their friends to be healthier and live longer. 

One thing has become abundantly clear: pet owners want to know and understand what they’re putting into their dogs’ bodies. Consumers just aren’t buying products with dozens upon dozens of ingredients anymore, and retailers and distributors alike are doing their best to keep up.

Taking care of a dog’s teeth and gums has become a large piece of this focus on overall well-being, and people are looking for the treats and tools they need to keep their dogs’ breath fresh and their teeth free of plaque buildup. 

However, when it comes to the ever-growing category of dog dental health bones, there are plenty of factors to consider when determining whether a bone is truly high-quality and “good” for a dog.

From the ingredients to the design and shape of the bone, it’s critical to know what to look for so that you can ensure stores across the country have the best bones for dogs stocked on shelves. 

At Indigenous Pet Products, it’s our mission and passion to provide the best, science-backed dog dental health bones. To do this, we’ve become intimately familiar with the space, and what is and is not considered a high-quality dog bone. 

In this article, we’ll be outlining what makes a high-quality dog dental health bone, as well as the ingredients that matter most. By the end of the article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what ingredients make up the best dental health bones, and why they matter.

What Makes a High-Quality Dog Dental Health Bone?

A truly well-made dog dental health bone has two key things working together for the good of a dog’s teeth:

  • Functionality
  • Ingredients


When it comes to functionality, this most often means the inclusion of ridges along the bone. There is a common misconception that dry dog food alone will keep a dog’s teeth clean, but that is not the case. Food alone cannot be counted on to clean a dog’s teeth. 

Instead, a ridged dental health bone works to remove plaque on teeth and can help prevent gingivitis. Ridges need to be present on the bone in order to clean the dog’s teeth, which is why dry dog food will not keep them clean: these small kernels have no ridges. 

Most major brands (Greenie’s, Whimzees, Merrick’s, and Indigenous Pet Products) have incorporated these into their designs. 

Some of the other players in the mass market space get a little bit blurred when it comes to quality. In the past, many of them were playing a price game: they could buy their place on shelves regardless of what was inside their product. Now, however, everything is more regulated, and ingredients matter much more. 


When a consumer is reading an ingredients label, if they know what an ingredient is, they are already doing better than most. A good rule of thumb is that if a consumer doesn’t know what something is, or would not eat it themselves, chances are they shouldn’t be giving it to their dog either. 

Common, healthy ingredients for dog dental health bones include:

  • Kelp meal
  • Salmon oil
  • Potato starch
  • Leptin
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Inulin
  • Parsley (for fresh breath)
  • No artificial coloring (fruit juice, tumeric, etc.)
  • Among others

Additionally, less is always more when it comes to ingredients. The ideal number of ingredients in a dental dog bone is eight or fewer to be considered healthy, though many of the key players in the space have not achieved this number yet. 

At Indigenous Pet Products, we are down to about 12-15 ingredients per product and continually working on bringing that number down. Whimzees are down to about ten ingredients, and Greenie’s have about fourteen. 

Anything over twenty ingredients means that the brand is most likely adding in preservatives, which are not good for dogs. These preservatives build up inside the dog over time and don’t always pass. Indigenous Pet Products contain Inulin for this reason: it is a digestive aid that helps the dog process and digest food effectively.


At the end of the day, the more a consumer knows about what’s going into their  dog, the better off they will be. If they can’t understand an ingredient statement, chances are, they should not be giving it to their pet. 

The key things to look for in a high-quality dental dog bone are a ridged design and healthy ingredients. 

These ingredients include:

  • Kelp meal
  • Salmon oil
  • Potato starch
  • Leptin
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Inulin
  • Parsley (for fresh breath)
  • No artificial coloring (fruit juice, tumeric, etc.)
  • Among others

Ready to bring Indigenous Pet dental health bones to a pet store near you? Fill out our Distributor Application today to get started!

The 4 Best USA-Made Dental Dog Bone Brands

As a dog dental health bone distributor, you probably want to be sure that you’re getting the highest quality bones in pet and grocery stores across the country. 

With the market expanding as rapidly as it has, it can be hard to stay on top of what the best brands are, and what you should be prioritizing as you make selections.

At Indigenous Pet Products, it’s our passion and mission to provide USA-made, science-backed dog bones that are not only good for dogs, but clean their teeth using patented ingredients. 

In this article, we’re highlighting the top four best USA-made dental dog bones. By the end of the article, you’ll have a clear understanding of who the key players are within the space, and how they compare to each other. 

We’ll be covering:

  • The best USA-made dental health bone brands
  • How USA-made dental health bones compare to those made in other countries

What are the best USA-made dog dental health bones on the market?

When it comes to USA-made dental dog bones, there are four key players within the space. These include:


It’s almost impossible to be active in the dog dental health bone community without hearing about Greenies dog treats. The brand is responsible for moving about $65 million of dental dog products each year and can be found in just about every big box and boutique pet store across the country. 

Greenies come recommended by the Veterinary Association, something very few pet brands can say, which sets them apart. 

However, Greenies bones can have as many as 30 ingredients in them, many of which the average person will not be able to recognize, and which may not be healthy for dogs. Finally, Greenies products can run anywhere from 300-400 calories per bone, which means a dog should not be eating more than one of them per day. 

When it comes to price, Greenies are priced at a premium at $2.50 per bone and $1.50 per ounce. 


Whimzees dog bones are ridged, and the design of the bone is really what helps to clean a dog’s teeth as they chew. These are high-quality bones, made with roughly 10 ingredients, making them healthy for the dogs to eat.

Whimzees contain no artificial ingredients, flavors or additives and come in a variety of ridged shapes designed to help keep a dog’s teeth clean.

These are priced at roughly $1.41 per bone, making them more affordable than Greenie’s, and with fewer ingredients, an overall higher-quality choice. 


The Merrick Fresh Kisses dental health bones are a new offering from Merrick, one of the leaders in the dog food space. These bones come in a variety of flavors and sizes. 

Merrick dog treats are made with fresh, real whole foods sourced from local farms, and do not include any artificial flavors or preservatives. These bones have roughly 12-15 ingredients in them, many of which are recognizable to the average person and healthy for dogs. 

Fresh Kisses are priced at roughly $2.27 per bone, placing them on the higher end in terms of price. 

Merrick’s dental dog bones cannot be found in big box stores, choosing, like Indigenous Pet products, to prioritize partnerships with smaller, more boutique pet stores. 

Indigenous Pet Products

Indigenous Pet dental health bones for dogs are made with 10 real, recognizable ingredients you can trust. 

Indigenous Pet bones are unique in that they are made with kelp meal, which is designed to work with the dog’s saliva to help break down plaque buildup on teeth and prevent gingivitis.

Our patented recipe ensures that we’re the only pet brand on the market using kelp meal for this purpose, and vets have confirmed a visible improvement after using Indigenous Pet products. 

Our bones come in a variety of sizes, the larger of which can be broken in two and eaten throughout the day, doubling the effects of each bone. 

Indigenous Pet dental health bones are priced at $1.06 per bone, making them affordable as well as incredibly healthy for dogs. 

USA-Made Dental Dog Bones vs. Internationally-Produced Bones

The key differentiator when it comes to dog bones made in the United States is that there are regulations on what can and cannot be in each bone. In addition to those regulations, each ingredient must be clearly labeled on the packaging, so that the consumer knows exactly what is going into their dog’s body. 

There has been a demand in recent years for healthier food and treat options for dogs, and these regulations help ensure that dogs are being provided with those healthy choices. It is more difficult to know what, if any, regulations are in place if you’re sourcing dental dog bones from overseas. 

While there are several European countries with trustworthy dog products, there is currently a distinct lack of trust in bones made in China, due to prior situations of mislabeling of products and ingredients. This resulted in dogs having allergic reactions due to mislabeled or omitted ingredients. 

Consumers need to be able to trust the packaging and ingredients in the items they’re giving their dogs, and choosing USA-made dental dog bones helps ensure that trust is met. 


Greenies: Made with over 30 ingredients, Veterinary Association recommended, $2.50 per bone.

Whimzees: Made with 10 ingredients and a ridged design to help keep dog’s teeth clean. $1.41 per bone.

Merrick: Made with 12-15 fresh, real whole foods sourced from local farms, and does not include any artificial flavors or preservatives. $2.27 per bone.

Indigenous Pet Products: Made with a patented recipe that includes kelp meal, designed to help break down plaque and prevent gingivitis. $1.41 per bone. 

Ready to bring Indigenous Pet dental health bones to a pet store near you? Fill out our Distributor Application today to get started!

Indigenous Pet Dental Health Bones for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Indigenous Pet Dental Health Bones for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

A study by the American Veterinary Medical Association found that 80% of dogs show signs of oral disease by age three. 

To prevent this, pet owners should ensure that their dogs are getting the right dental care, including proper dental hygiene at home. 

At Indigenous Pet Products, our passion and purpose is to improve the health, vitality, and happiness of our loyal animal companions. We are committed to the perfect blend of science and nature, and provide dental health bones that make a real difference in a dog’s overall well-being.

In this article, we’re going to explain what Indigenous Pet products are and what they’re made of. By the end of the article, you will have a clear understanding of not only the products and the company, but how Indigenous Pet products compare to other players in the dental dog treat space. 

What are Indigenous Pet Products?

Indigenous Pet Products is a company that offers pet dental bones that are healthy for dogs to eat and good for their teeth. 

Unlike typical bones, which have 30 or more often unrecognizable ingredients, Indigenous Pet bones have 10-15 ingredients, most of which are recognizable. For example, our bones contain things like inulin, potato starch, prebiotics, and kelp meal. Our bones also contain salmon oil, a good source of essential omega-3 fatty acids for a dog’s overall health.

What sets Indigenous Pet Products apart from other pet dental bones is our patented design, which includes kelp meal. Kelp meal is sourced from the North Atlantic around England and, when combined with a dog’s saliva, breaks down plaque on their teeth.

The combination of the patented design and kelp meal has been shown to make a visible difference in a dog’s teeth. Vets have reported a noticeable difference in the teeth of dogs who regularly eat Indigenous Pet bones.

What Ingredients Set Indigenous Pet Dental Health Bones Apart?

At Indigenous Pet Products, we’re dedicated to using healthier ingredients in our bones, which help us stand out among competitors. We add prebiotics and other ingredients commonly found in kid’s foods to our products. 

What’s in Indigenous Pet Dental Health Bones?

      • Inulin, which is a prebiotic that helps a dog’s digestion and prevents bloating.

      • Kelp meal, which has been proven to remove plaque from a dog’s teeth. Indigenous Pet bones are grain-free and gluten-free, which makes them an excellent option for dogs with dietary restrictions.

      • Salmon oil, which is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for a dog’s overall health.

      • No preservatives. There are limited additives or preservatives in our dental health bones, as these are not good for dogs.

    We believe that if a pet owner does not know what the ingredients on the label are, there’s a good chance it is not the healthiest option for their dog.

    Research sponsored by Penford Pet Products confirms that Indigenous Pets unique combination of clean, simple ingredients significantly reduces plaque buildup, gingivitis, and halitosis in over just a 32 day period.  In fact, results show a:

        • 21% reduction in plaque

        • 58% reduction in calculus

        • 47% reduction in halitosis

      How Much Do Indigenous Pet Products Cost?

      Indigenous Pet Products bones retail for $17.99 per bag. This price is largely driven by the healthier ingredients we use, with 90% of the cost being in the ingredients. We source everything in the United States when possible, with the exception of kelp meal and sunflower leptin.

      The minimum order amount for distributors is $1,000.

      How Do Indigenous Pet Products Compare to Competitors?

      Competitors such as Greenies are mass-produced products that are not as healthy for your dog as Indigenous Pets products, though they are carried by mass retailers and boutique pet stores alike. 

      Indigenous Pet Products are in the top 10 Nielsen-rated pet dental health bones. Our products are made in small batches rather than mass produced, and contain ingredients primarily made and manufactured right here in the United States. 

      What is Our Fulfillment Rate?

      The fulfillment rate for Indigenous Pet Products is 98%, with the only exception being when products get damaged during shipping. 

      We have plenty of inventory and no problem filling orders. Indigenous Pet Products ships and distributes nationwide in the United States and also ships to Canada. Customers can enter their zip code on the website to see the stores where they can buy from.

      Which Products are Our Top Sellers?

      Our top-selling items are the Smoked Bacon and Fresh Breath bones, followed by the Chicken bones. 

      We offer a total of nine different pet dental bone products, with our Lamb bones containing the fewest ingredients. 

      Our newest additions to the lineup are the Duck and Apple bones. 

      While our large bones are often our best sellers, we recently introduced mini bones, which are one-quarter the size and ideal for dogs weighing between 3-10 pounds. These smaller bones are designed for daily use, just like their larger counterparts. Our sales rankings reflect the amount of time each product has been available at retail stores.

      Our Approach to Mass Retail 

      We are currently not partnering with mass retailers, and focusing instead on smaller, boutique pet store partnerships, which often align with our dedication to pet health and nutrition. 

      What Are Customers Saying About Indigenous Pet Products?

      Indigenous Pet Products dental health bones were off the shelf for four months in 2021, and customers were eager to buy them as soon as they were back on shelves, which is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of the product, as well as the brand loyalty of our customers. 

      Below is a collection of reviews from customers to give you a better understanding of the impact Indigenous Pet Products have on pets and their owners. 

      “The package came before the estimated date. These dental bones eliminate bad breath and the mini size is perfect for my mini-dachshunds. No more Greenies! Glad I found you!”

      – Karen A.

      “We started using these 4 years ago. One dog had considerable plaque buildup which then was gone in a few weeks. These were not available during much of the pandemic, and now are more expensive than before. We had to try other “dental chews,” but none worked as well. Do Not Doubt – These get rid of plaque and keep it away. Our two 25 pound dogs each get 1/2 daily after their lunch. They like them so much that they sometimes stop eating their lunch and stand by the pantry where these are stored.”

      – Cammer

      “Only teeth cleaning bones my babies will eat. Old English Sheep dog, Pomeranian and St. Bernard all Love these!! Get so excited to see these treats. Love that I can break down so my Pomeranian can enjoy too.”

      –Opie L.
      Ready to bring Indigenous Pet dental health bones to a pet store near you? Fill out our Distributor Application today to get started!