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Indigenous™ Pet Products History

B&R Pet Treats is a leading manufacturer of pet treats and is located in Denver, Colorado. We have been a manufacturer of pet treats for several national brands for over 20+ years and have manufactured Indigenous Pet Treats from conception. In 2016, B&R Pet Treats acquired the Indigenous Pet Product line from Ingredion.

We are pleased that the key people who formulated the foundation for the pet nutritional program have joined the team at B&R Pet Treats and we continue to formulate innovative solutions in nutritional pet health. Our products build nutritional platforms that address digestive, glycemic, and heart health as well as weight management.

Why Indigenous Pet Products?

Our passion and purpose is to improve the health, vitality, and happiness of our most beloved animal companions. We are committed to finding the perfect blend of science and nature. By combining our depth of knowledge and experience with human nutritional sciences and our commitment to best utilize nature’s vast array of wholesome and natural ingredients, we have created products that are second to none. Some pet companies are just “marketing” brands; we actually design, test, and manufacture our premium products from start to finish. We are also committed to sustaining natural resources and to making our products and packaging in the USA.

Nutritional Philosophy

At Indigenous Pet, we believe nutrition is the gateway to pet happiness. Our nutritional knowledge and research along with market awareness fuels the innovation to create products that support various health platforms such as skin, coat, heart, joint, dental and weight. We understand that health is provided via various approaches; hence, we tout our innovative delivery systems.